The NHS can’t really be that stretched, can it?

nhs in crisis

As a nurse working within the NHS in a number of roles over recent times, it does not surprise me to hear that the NHS is in decline in the public eye.  Often via social media and the general news it is easy to find horror stories of patients left in corridors, mis-diagnosis of symptoms, cancelled appointments and the list goes on….sadly.

taking bloodpressure

I contact another service, today it is an assessment team which is required to assess suitability for hospital admission of a patient.  The assessment team tell me there is nobody available to carry out the assessment….and that there are not any beds available, and that the bed management team are not available for a few hours.

Bear in mind we have a patient that who is that poorly that they potentially require hospital admission….a rock and a hard place spring to mind!

daily mirror nhs is dying

That little glimpse right there, that is a DAILY occurrence within our jobs as nurses. The sad truth is how easy as professionals we accept these responses. We are all aware that ALL SERVICES are stretched beyond belief.


I cannot remember a service or area that is not stretched or working to past capacity. Take a look and chat to anyone working within care – doctors, receptionists, nurses, social workers, HCAs – speak to any of them and ask them the question “so how is your job at the minute” and I guarantee that most if not all will talk about changes, cut-backs and staff sickness levels. I guarantee this as, as a nurse on the ‘coal-face’ so to speak, it is everywhere and every department is feeling what we read about in the papers or hear in the news.

Often the news does not reflect day-to-day activities and does not directly affect us as individuals. With the NHS facing the biggest financial crisis in it’s history it is only a matter of time before every single person requiring health services will be affected – and it has already hit the working staff, and hard.